Product Rave: Microplane Ultimate Citrus Tool

This special-series Microplane is absolutely fabulous for zesting lemons and oranges. Look at how perfectly it zested this orange, not touching an iota of the bitter white pith:

More about this tool and where to get it after the break…

I first found out about this tool on the blog of Food, Family, and Fun by Amy, and two days later I scurried over to Williams Sonoma and snagged myself one. I have used it on both lemons and oranges and it does a fabulous job. In addition to being a zester it also has two different sized garnish cutters, as well as a scoring tool. If you do any amount of work with citrus fruits in the kitchen, this is definitely a must-have tool. It runs $12 at Williams Sonoma. Go out and grab one!

4 Responses

  1. I don’t have that one, but I do have a microplane and it’s one of my favorite kitchen tools — I use it for citrus, gingerroot, nutmeg — so far no fingers!

  2. I definitely need a microplane!

  3. What a spiffy little took.

  4. This looks great! Another item I need to add for my want list!

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