The advent of Google Reader has made my ability to keep tabs on hundreds of food blogs fast, neat, and clean. What’s better, if I see something I like I don’t need to add yet another bookmark to my already untidy list, but rather I can just click on the star and Google Reader saves it for me. Genius! (Does anyone else think that Google is taking over the world?)

Although I do have hundreds of blogs that run through my reader, there are a select handful that make me giddy when I see a new post from them. These are the blogs that I always open and read, no matter what the title or culinary creation, and these are typically the ones that get starred most often, as I undoubtedly find something I love about each entry!

Abby Sweets
Cake Journal
Confections of a Foodie Bride
Culinary Creations by Peabody
Crazy Delicious
eat me, delicious
half baked
Nook & Pantry
Quirky Cupcake
Smitten Kitchen


One Response

  1. Does anyone have any ideas for a birthday cake, brownies, or other birthday treat with a Willy Wonka theme?

    My son is in this play during his birthday and wanted to deliver a fun themed treat for the cast members (all 49 of them!)

    Any thoughts apppreciated!

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